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From the Home page Click on the Registration tab. Fill that out completely, and submit payment of $25.00/participant via Paypal. Paypal will give you the option of using credit/debit cards for payment as well as a Paypal bank draft.

The registration fee includes:

Annual Klub Membership-2016-2017 School Year

- Participation at all SEAK Klub events (must be a registered SEAK Klub member to attend any and all events)

- SEAK Klub newsletters and updates from our online resource page

- A SEAK SAK (bag for all event gear and Compass Journal)

- A Survival SKILL/SERVICE notebook called "The Compass” (This notebook will be brought to all our Klub meetings. Information handouts will be added each month to the notebook for future reference.)

The Monthly Klub meeting fees include:

Each Klub Meeting is $10.00/participant once you are registered.

- Instructor Lead Education

- Light Snack

- Printed Materials for The Compass

- Resources and Supplies for Activities/ Service Projects

- Carabiner SEAK SAVERS (key chains added for each Klub meeting)

- Student Drop off/Pick up event (Parents have a break for 2 hours! YEAH)

- Email Info Update/Reminders about upcoming event details

[endif]--The SEAKing Service Meet-Ups:

FREE for all SEAK Klub registered kids

- Opportunities for kids to shift focus from self to others

- You will be able to drop your child off at designated Non-Profit organizations in Fayette/Coweta locations on scheduled Seaking Service Meet-Up Dates (PARENT BREAK- YEAH)

- Check website and register for each Meet-Up


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